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AJC Concentrate          

Apple Juice Concentrate See Apple Juice Concentrate Procesing We can supply the turnkey projects on concentration apple juice from submitting of tecnoeconomic feasibility report to actual project conceptualition.

Production Description:
ear apple juice concentrate is prepared from clean, sound fruit that has been washed and sorted prior to processing. Apples are crushed, pressed and depectinized. The juice undergoes state of the ultra filtration assuring a product of brilliant clarity. The filtered, depectinized juice is concentrated through a multi-stage, low temperature vacuum concentration process to provide the highest quality product. The concentrated apple juice is pasteurized and then aseptic packed. Product Quality:
Flavor and Aroma: Clear apple juice concentrate has been process to preserve, as much as possible, the original quality of the natural fruit. The resulting product, when diluted to single strength, shall be clear, natural in flavor and free from burn, fermented and other off flavors.
Preservation and foreign material: The juice shall be free of the preservatives and foreign material.

Quality system certificate:
Certification standards: ISO9001 2000 & HACCP


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