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See Modern Cold Storages

See Modern Cold Storages







MIPL in collaboration with foreign associates offers design, development and engineering of Controlled / Modified / Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) Atmosphere based Cold Storages for Apple and other Fruits & Vegetables that ensure longer shelf life in natural & farm fresh quality of the products


MIPL offers Pre Engineered Pre Fabricated buildings and Insulating panels from reputed vendors based which are fabricated as per MIPL design and under strict quality control and fabrication supervision.


MIPL designs are product specific and most economic, acheived through indigenisation of refrigeration systems and by incorporating PLC based computer controlled operations of the individual Cold Chambers as well as the entire integrated cold storage.

The 3000 tonne CA Cold Storage for Apple designed and developed for HIMFED ,an undertaking of the State Govt. of Himachal Pradesh at Rai, Haryana is going to be the testimony of MIPL's engineering excellence in this field.

MIPL offers Pre-Cooling, Ripening Chambers ,Controlled Atmosphere /Modified Atmosphere /Ultra Low Oxygen /High Humidity and Low Humidity Cold Storages  for Apple and other tropical and temprate fruits and vegetables. MIPL also offer specialsed cold storages for CIPC treatment of potato and for long term storage of Onion.


MIPL also offer complete equipment range for Pack House including washing, drying,sorting ,grading,waxing and packing.


MIPL has high caliber professional prowess in design, development, and engineering of Integrated Cold Chain Systems for long term storage of fresh and processed food products retaining their natural properties. MIPL is also able to undertake the contract for setting up of these projects on turn-key basis. The major post harvest management systems engineered by MIPL include:

a) Refrigeration System

b) Pack Houses

c) CA/MA/HH Cold Storages

d) State -of- Art IQF Food Processing Units

e) Warehouses

f) Green Houses (including Solar Powered)


M/s Kuhlzentrum Mariental of Germany, Partner of MIPL, owned a large fleet of reefer and insulated trucks and were representing most of the West European companies in the field of post harvest management, cold storage, CA and MA Stores for marketing technology and equipments in Eastern Europe and Asia including India. MIPL have a working tie-up with M/s Plattenhard +Wirth, Van Amerongen, Besseling Group, Isolcell and Fruit Control Equipments, Fancom and Christiaens Group for Atmosphere Control Systems and Computers.


MIPL has a working relationship with grading equipment suppliers like  Unitec, Sammo and Technofruta Levante for Grading Line for all kinds of fruits and vegetables and also fabricate non-critical equipments in India.


MIPL's associates for the supply of C.A. Cold Storage system and the Apple grading system have a lot of of experience at global level and have already implemented large number of such facilities. Technical partners of MIPL for design and installation of C.A system namely "Van Amerogen", "Fruit Control Equipments" and "Besseling Group"  have more than 1000 installations all over the world.


Almost all the food processing projects engineered by MIPL include Cold Storages for fresh horticulture produce as well as for the finished products stored at temperatures upto -20 deg.C temp. or less as an integral part of the processing units.


MIPL has already engineered some of the biggest CA Cold Stores in North India.





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