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MIPL Technical & Engineering Services Cater to following Specialised Fields:

i.	Food Processing & Agro-based Industries
ii.	Pharmaceuticals,Cosmetics and Fine Chemicals
iii.	Fermentation based Processes
iv.	Process Plant Design &  General Process Industries
v.	Mineral based Industries
vi.	Water Treatment & Environmental Technologies
vii.	Cold Storages & Refrigeration Systems
viii.	Enviromnental Engineering

State of Art Consulting Services to following Food Processing Industries from Project Conceptualisation 
to Commissioning & Marketing  of Finished Products.
i.	Fruit & Vegetable Based Projects
ii.	Potato Processing Complexes
iii.	Fish, Poultry and Meat Plants
iv.	Ready to eat product units
v.	Wheat Gluten, Starches & Alcohol Projects
vi.	Milk processing plants
vii.           Packaged Drinking & Mineral Water
viii.	Institutional Hi-tech Kitchens
ix.	Solid Waste Management of Food Processing & Agro based Industries
x.	Controlled & Modified Atmosphere Cold Storages & End to End Cold Chains

The Technologies offered for Processing of Fresh Agro Produce are:
i.	Individual  Quick Freezing , Block & Flash Freezing
ii.	Batch & Continuous Dehydration , Vacuum Drying ; Vacuum Freezing Drying & Microwave Vacuum Drying
iii.	Fruit Juice Extraction , Concentration & Ascepting Filling
iv.	Continuous "Chapati" (Tortilla) & "Paratha" (Stuffed Indian Bread) Production & Packaging Plants etc.
v.	Projects for Production of Ready to Eat Food Delicacies in Retortable Pouches/ OTS Cans





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