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MIPL in its short tenure has established an enviable reputation through its dedicated services backed-up by highly professional engineering standards.

MIPLís client  list  includes public and private sector companies on following projects :


Indian Clients

>  Under Implementation
* Abbreviation defined at the end

1 Detailed Project Report & EOI for Cold Chain on French Fries & Vegetables SADHYA PRODUCTS PVT. LTD, BARIELLY, U.P DE
2 Detailed Project Report & EOI For Cold Chain Project to be Established at Dandari Kalan, Ludhiana MARKFED, PUNJAB DE
3 Preparation of Tefr for Setting up of Facility for Vapor Heat Treatment System at Mango Pack House, Rehman Khera UTTAR PRADESH MANDI PARISHAD, LUCKNOW TEFR
4 Preparation of TEFR for Setting up Potato Processing Complex for Frozen French Fries, Potato Flakes W/O 5000MT Potato Cold Store FORRESTER FOODS PVT.LTD. FARRUKHABAD TEFR
5 Technical Audit & Advisory Consulting Services for FDA Inspection SHAKTI APIFOODS PVT.LTD TA
6 Preparation of TEFR for Setting up Potato Processing Complex for Frozen French Fries, Potato Flakes FORRESTER FOODS PVT.LTD. HAPUR TEFR
7 Preparation of TEFR for Setting up Potato Cold Storage FORRESTER FOODS PVT.LTD. HAPUR TEFR
8 Turnkey Project for Setting up a Ready to Serve Fruit Beverage, Packaged Drinking Water & Soda Unit PRATIK INDUSTRIES TKP
9 Detailed Engineering & Technical Advisory Services for Upgradation of Honey Processing Unit SHAKTI APIFOODS PVT.LTD DE
10 Technical Services for Bottling Unit for Honey SHAKTI APIFOODS PVT.LTD DE
1 Detailed Engineering Consultancy Services for Setting up MEGA FOOD PARK at Mansi, BIHAR PRISTINE MEGA FOOD PARK DE
2 Detailed Engineering Consultancy Services for Setting up MEGA FOOD PARK at Uttarakhand HIMALAYAN FOOD PARK DE
3 Detailed Engineering Consultancy Services for Setting up a Jam Manufacturing Unit at Katgarh KOTGARH FRUIT BAGEECHA PVT. LTD., SHIMLA, H.P. DE
4 Detailed Engineering of Cannery for Setting up of a Modern Food Processing Complex from Grass Root Level at Chuharwala Village MARKFED, JALANDHAR DE
5 Detailed Engineering of Packeged Bottled Mineral Water at Chuharwala Village MARKFED, JALANDHAR DE
6 Turnkey Engineering IQF + 1000 Mt Frozen Cold Storage KRITIKA AGRO INDUSTRIES PVT.LTD., Samastipur DE
7 Turnkey Engineering of Frozen and Canned Fruit Pulp and 3000 MT Frozen Cold Storage SAMSTIPUR FROZEN FOODS PVT. LTD., Samastipur DE
8 Basic and Detailed Engineering Consultancy Services for Setting up a Project for Manufacture of POTATO FLAKES (250 kgph) FORRESTER FOODS PVT.LTD. (MESCO STEEL) DE
9 Installation of Modern Rice Filling Line for Consumer Packs BEST FOODS, KARNAL, HARYANA DE
10 Detailed Engineering of Honey Processing Unit at Chuharwala Village MARKFED, JALANDHAR DE
1 Setting Up of Muticolumn Distillation Unit for GoArk PATANJALI GRAM UDYOG NYAS, UTTARKASHI DE
2 DPR for a Project for manufacture of Fruit Jams & Preserves produced in Sugar free line (Raw material- Mixed fruit, apple, whole cherries, plums, apricots, marmalade, chutneys, Regular line: Whole cherries, apricots, plums, apples, marmalade KOTHGARH FRUIT BAGEECHA DPR
3 Basic Engineering of Bio Fertilizer Plant CPB INDIA PVT.LTD. DE
4 Basic and Detailed Engineering Consultancy Services for Setting up a Project for Manufacture of POTATO FLAKES FORRESTER FOODS PVT.LTD. (MESCO STEEL) DE
5 Drying of Organic Herbs ITSL, New Delhi DE
1 Agro Food Sector oriented  SEZ OVER 77000 ha. of land at Franceville, Gabon ( West Africa ) Olam International Ltd., GABON ( WEST AFRICA) TFR
2 An Integrated F & V Processing Complex with complete backward and forward linkages at Bijnore , U.P WAVE INC. , NEW DELHI TEFR
3 A  2 MW Grid Connected Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant SHRIYA SOLAR URJA LTD., RAI BAREILLY, U.P DPR
4 Promotion & Development of Soybean Industry in the State of M.P. through a world class Knowledge Research Centre   of Excellence at a Dedicated University level TECHNO GLOBAL UNIVERSITY , SIRONJ, M.P. CONCEPT REPORT
5 Production of Ready to Eat Indian Ethnic Food Products for Export WHITEFIELDS INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. , NOIDA T & DES
6 Technofeasibility Profiles on Different Projects for development of SEZ on Agro Food Sector at Franceville, Gabon ( West Africa ) GABON ( WEST AFRICA) TFS
7 A comprehensive concept report on an integrated F & V processing complex with background and forward linkages at Bijnore , U.P WAVE INC.NEW DELHI TFS
8 DPR on 2 MW PV based Soalr Power Plant* SHRIYA SOLAR URJA LTD. RAI BAREILLY , U.P DE
9 Project on Promotion & Development of Soyabean Industry at Sironj. M.P ( A soybean related knowledge resource centre of excellence)* TECHNOGLOBALA UNIVERSITY DE SIRONJ, M.P> DE
10 Consultancy Services on conducting techno commercial appraisal of RTE Units* WHITEFIELDS INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. NOIDA TFS
11 Capacity Expansion of Honey Processing Plant at Bannur KEJRIWAL BEE CARE (I) PVT.LTD. DE
12 Technical Feasibility Profiles on Different Projects for the Development of SEZ on Agro Food Sector at Franceville, Gabon (West Africa) GABON (WEST AFRICA) TFP
13 A comprehensive concept report on an Integrated Fruit & Vegetable Processing Complex with Backward and Forward linkages at Bijnore, U.P. WAVE INC. CCR
14 DRP on 2 MW Solar Energy based Power Plant at Rai Bareilly, U.P. SHRIYA SOLAR URJA LIMITED DPR
15 Consultancy Services on conducting Techno Commercial Appraisal of existing sick / running unit for RTE food products & sourcing of Food Processing Unit for production of RTE Non and veg. Recipes WHITE FIELD INDIA PVT.LTD. TCA
16 Project on Promotion & Development of Soybean Industry at Sironj M.P as (A Soybean related kowledge resource Centre of Excellence) WHITEFIELDS INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. NOIDA DE
17 Project on Establishment of Backward Linkage by establishing various Collection Centres, Primary Processing Centres & Central Processing Centre at Sites in & Around the State of Uttarakhand PATANJALI FOOD & HERBAL PARK PRIVATE LIMITED, HARIDWRA DE
18 Technical Advisor and Liaison Consultants CHILLI GROWERS CO-OP.SOCIETY DE
19 Preparation of DPRs & Techno Economic Appraisal of project relating to agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, apiculture, agro-processing, post harvest management of agri-produce, marketing infrastructure, cold storage, cold chain, medicinal and aromatic plants, sericulture, floriculture, social and environmental impact assessment etc. SMALL FARMERSí AGRI-BUSINESS CONSORTIUM (SFAC) DPRs
1 Conversion of Solid  Organic Waste Municipal Waste into Bio-Gas and its utilisation  for Power and CNG  for Auto-Fuel Man Made Power Point Presentation for States of J&K and Uttarakhand PPP
2 Conversion of Solid  Organic Waste Municipal Waste into Bio-Gas and its utilisation  for Power Man Made Power Point Presentation Before the High Commission of Sweden PPP
3 Planned Conversion 178 TPD F & V Waste for generation of 2 MW of power  and 1300 kg/hr. at 2.5 bar Patanjali Mega Food & Herbal Park at Haridwar PP
4 Conversion of Solid  Organic Waste Conducted Studies in Germany & Sweden PP
1 Expansion of 100 % EOU * Honey Processing Complex Kejriwal Bee Care India Pvt. Ltd., Banur ,Punjab DE
2 5000 MT Capacity Modern Cold * DPR  Storage for Potato & Onion Neobrans India Pvt. Ltd. ,Agra TEFR
3 A Commercial Scale Food Production Unit for RTE Meals for Training of Technologists Techno India Group Calcutta DE
4 A Production Unit Jaljeera & Spice Mix* Jaju Pharmaceuticals, Khasganj , UP TKP
5 A High End Public Toilet ( With automatic Self Cleaning & Vacuum based Flushing System) GVR Infra Projects Ltd. ,Chennai TKP
1 A Report on State of Art Consulting  Services for  Agro- Food Sector CONSULTANCY DEVELOPMENT Centre (DSIR, Govt. of India) TEFR
2 World Class Project on Herbal Medicines Fruit & Vegetables Juices & Fruit Candies etc. Patanjali Mega Food and Herbal Park Ltd.,Distt. Haridwar, Uttarakhand E & PM
3 Project For Manufacture of Pan Masala & Mouth Freshener  Godfrey Philips Ltd., Baramati ,Maharashtra TEFR
1 Manufacture of RTE in Retort Pouches & Cans Markfed ,Chandigarh DE/TKP
2 Large Volume Parenterals(IV) Fluids Himalayan Group ,Nepal TEFR/DE/TKP
3 Ayurvedic Churan & Tablets SFC Foods Pvt. Ltd. P&PPD/DE/DD&S
1 Consultancy Development Centre (DSIR, G.O.I) State of Art Consultancy Services for  Agro- Food Sector TEFR
2 Patanjali Ayurvedic Ltd. World Class Project on Herbal Medicines Fruit & Vegetables Juices & Candies PM&C
3 Godfrey Phillips Project For Manufacture of Pan Masala & Mouth Freshener  at Baramati Maharastra TEFR
II PROJECT IN 2007    
  Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storages > HIMFED, Shimla DE/TKP
1 IQF Facility for Fruits & Vegetables Bonne Veggie Pvt.Ltd.Uttaranchal. TEFR
2 Dehydration of fruit& Vegetables for export> Graffiti Exports Pant Nagar, Uttaranchal. DD&S
3 Modern Food Processing Complex for canned bottles and other RTE Products> Jalandhar Canneries of MARKFED,Punjab
4 Modern High Technology based Honey Processing Complex> Kejriwal Bee Care India Pvt. Ltd. West Bengal DPR/TKP
5 Conventional and Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storages> Markfed,Punjab Jallander TEE
IV PROJECT IN 2005    
1 Upgradation of MAcPlan-1998 APEDA, New Delhi MS/SS
2 Integrated Potato Processing Complex Century Laminating CompanyLtd.,Hapur, U.P.
3 Potato/Grain Based 25 KLPD Distillery for Vodka> Nuway Organic Naturals (India) Ltd.Punjab TECS/SEC
4 Instant Meals in Dehydrated Form Real Contracts Pvt. Ltd.Noida TEFR/DE
5 Herbal Colours & Medicated Cosmetics (NBRI Technology) Ayur Herbals Pvt. Ltd.Bhiwadi
6 Potato Crisps, Extruded Snacks and Ethnic Indian Namkeens> Bikanervala Foods Pvt.Ltd.Greater Noida TEFR/DE
7 Ready to Reconstitute Meals in Dehydrated form 10 mill.Servings/day)> Real Contracts Pvt.Ltd.Greater Noida TEFR/DE
V PROJECT IN 2004    
1 Ready  to Drink Alcoholic Beverages> Aarddvirk BeveragesPvt. Ltd.,New Delhi TEFR / TKP
2 Ready to use Packed Spices Uttam Floor Mills. Ltd.Raigarh, Maharashtra TEFR
3 Modernization of Dehydration & Canning Facility> MARKFED,Jalandhar TEFR / BE
4 IQF,Dehydration & VFD Facility for Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables> Flex Foods Ltd.,Dehradun
5 CA / MA Storage  & Grading Facility for Apples & Other Fruits (Capacity 30,000 MT) CMC Engg. &Management,Canada
6 CA Cold Storage for Apple :3000 MT Multi-Chamber HIMFED,Shimla, TEFR/TKP
VI PROJECT IN 2003    
1 Project for manufacture of RTE Food Products in Retortable Pouches Uttam Floor Mills. Ltd Raigarh, Maharashtra . TEFR
2 100% EOU for Honey Processing. Kejriwal Beecare India Pvt. Ltd.Banur, Punjab
3 Project for extraction of herbalcolours & production herbal ofcosmetics Ayur Herbals Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi Tech.Sourcing
P &PPD & Detailed Engg.
4 Project for RTE-Rice based food products Global Engg. Pvt. Ltd.New Delhi Process Know-How & Detailed Engg.
5 Growing & Marketing of various flowers & herbs Ayur Group of Industries  New Delhi TKP
6 Potato Logistics, Handling &Storage in Punjab MARKFED,Punjab BE TEFR /
1 AEZ on Dehydrated & Freeze Dried Products APEDA,Min. of Commerce,Govt. of India NCT Delhi TEFR
2 AEZ on Potato Post Harvest Handling & Processing Punjab State Co-op. Supply & Marketing Federation Ltd.,(MARKFED) Chandigarh, Punjab( Through HPMI ) TEFR
3 Tomato & Tropical Fruit Pulps& Concentrates (100% EOU ) Shri Gopal ContientalFoods Pvt. Ltd. TEFR
4 Apple Processing Industry in India & Global Potential Ministry of Food Processing Industry, Govt. of India Comprehensive Study
5 Design, Development & Supply of Specialised Drying Equipment Satnam Overseas Pvt. Ltd.Sonepat
6 Processing of Potato into Potable Alcohol (Vodka) Punjab Agro-Industries Corporation Ltd.,Chandigarh DPR
7 Revamping & Modernisation of Existing Cold Store & Food Processing Unit Kamakhya Fresh Foods Ltd.Ghazipur, U.P.
8 Design, Development &Supply of Drying System for Indian Breads Sagar Foods Pvt. Ltd. Rajpura, Punjab
VIII PROJECT IN 2000-2001    
1 Maize Flour & Corn Flakes VRV Foods Ltd., Himachal Pradesh PIS
2 Blast Freezing & Cold Storage Flex Foods Ltd.,Dehradun TKP
3 Modified Atmosphere Cold Storage for Spices D.S. Foods Ltd. Noida, U.P. TKP
4 Tomato & Tropical Fruits Pulps & Concentrates Himalayan Food Products Pvt. Ltd.,Kathmandu, Nepal DPR
5 Technical Appraisal for re-engineering of cannery &honey processing unit Markfed Canneries, Jalandhar Technical &
recommendation for revamping
6 Rehabilitation & Modernisation of Fruit & Honey Processing of Unit & Setting up of food testing laboratory J & K State Agro Inds.Deve. Corp. Ltd.,Srinagar, Kashmir TEFR
7 Food Park SABAS International Foods Ltd.Barhi-Brahmna Ind. Complex, Jammu TEFR
IX PROJECT IN 1998-1999    
1 150 TPD Oil Milling Complex ,( Solvent Extraction, Refining, Milling etc.)Sunflower, Mustard/Rapeseed, RiceBran Punjab State Co-op. Supply & Marketing ,Federation Ltd.(MARKFED)Chandigarh, Punjab TMT/DPR
2 Domestic & International Market Survey on Mushroom& Status of Mushroom Industry in India APEDA,Min of Commerce,Govt. of India
New Delhi
3 3000 MT Cold Storage for Potato and Onion R.B. Mishra & Co.Distt. Buxar, Bihar TKP
4 Expansion of Plant Capacity & Re-engineering Flex Foods Ltd.Dehradun, (U.P.) TKP
5 Integrated Poultry Farming &Processsing Complex including Feed Mill and Solid waste Rendreing Plant Modern Food Processing &PreservationCo-op Society(MFPPCSL)Imphal, Manipur TKP/DPR
6 Manufacturing Unit for Pickles& Pastes of Onion Garlic , Ginger & ChilyPapaya candy & Mouth Freshner Shri Gopal Continental&Foods Pvt.Ltd.Dist.Ujjain (M.P) TKP
7 Mineral Water Project Delhi State Civil SuppliesCorp. Ltd.
National Capital Territory of Delhi
8 Milk Processing Plant Delhi State Civil SuppliesCorp. Ltd.
National Capital Territory of Delhi
1 280 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant > Shriya Energy Ltd Rae Bareilly TEFR
2 Potato Flakes 4200 TPA PICUP Uttar Pradesh TEFR
3 Coated Peanuts1000 TPA PICUP Uttar Pradesh TEFR
4 Frozen French Fries  Ltd.&Mashed Potato products 7000TPA Welga Foods Badaun, Uttar Pardesh TKP by KM/
5 Breakfast Cereals.600 TPA Sanam Foods Pvt. Ltd Haryana TEFR + TT
6 Potato Chips Hygenic Foods Ltd.Uttar Pradesh TKPby KM/MIPL
7 Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Products 4000 TPA Temptation Foods Ltd Maharashtra( 100 % EOU ) TMT/DE/SEC
8 Frozen Food Products21500 TPA (Veg. Processing Section) Ready Foods Ltd. Andhra Pradesh( 100% EOU ) TKP from KM
(Assisted by MIPL)
9 Vacuum Freeze Dried,Products Hannover Foods Ltd .Tamilnadu ( EOU ) TMT/PIS
10 Asparagus Farming and Processing EOU 500 TPA
Agra Beverages Ltd.Rajasthan
11 Mushroom Farming 1500 TPA Biotech Mushrooms Ltd.Uttar Pradesh TT/PIS
12 Potato Processing Complex 30,000 TPA Aryavarta Foods Ltd Uttar Pradesh PIS
13 Apple juice Conc..4000 TPA VRV Foods LTD Himachal Pradesh TMFT/TEFR/LA
14 Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Products EOU, 5000 TPA Biotech Frozen Fruits & Vegetables Ltd. Uttar Pradesh TMT/TEFR/LA
15 Potato Flakes Mariental India Pvt. Ltd. MR
16 Packaging of Instant Coffee Indodan Industries Ltd. Uttar Pradesh DD & S
17 Apple Juice Conc.& Fruit Processing(former HPMCPlant) Gopal Associates Himachal Pradesh TECS & P.O.
18 Frozen Fruit &Vegetable Products EOU 4000 TPA
ANS Agro Inds. Ltd.Haryana TKP/TEFR/DE
19 Livestock farming,Meat Processing and Rendering Plant Jumbo Farms Co-op.Society Ltd.,Assam
20 Farming & Processing of Horticulture Crops East India Hotels Ltd .Madhya Pradesh SS/ASE
21 Potato Flakes EOU, 4000 TPA. Lethkraft Ltd Uttar Pradesh TMT
22 Banana Puree EOU, 3000 TPA Pure Foods Ltd.Maharashtra TMT
23 Apple & Pear juice Conc.and Pulps & Purees of tropical fruits Sabas Foods Intl. Ltd.Jammu, J&K
24 French Fries & Potato Flakes Godwin Foods Ltd.Punjab TMFT/TEFR
25 Maize Processing toproduce modified starch sorbitol,potable alcohol& cattle feed Suraj Vanaspati Ltd.New Delhi
26 IQF Fruits, Vegetables Poultry & Mutton Products ASIA Pacific ExportsLtd,Hyderabad MS
27 Growing & Processing of Poultry Jumbo Farms Pvt. Ltd.Guwhati TEFR/TKP*
28 Gherkins Grading, Bulk Packing and Packing and Automatic Bottle Filling & Pasteurisation System Sterling Tea Magnum Ltd.Tamilnadu Complete Plant Design
29 Processing of Wheat intoVital Gluten, A-Starch,Potable Alcohol & Cattle Feed Apollo Biochem Ltd.Punjab TMFT & TEFR
30 Efficient Washing,Cutting&Grading of Fruits Vadilal Industries Ltd.Gujarat DD&S
31 Modernisation of Existing IQF Unit Vadilal Industries Ltd.Gujarat DD&S
1 Pharmaceutical Preparationsin Tablet, Capsule, Syrup&Parenteral forms Macberry Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.,Uttar Pradesh DPR
2 Slurry Explosives, 2000 TPA Jaiprakash Inds. Ltd.,Madhya Pradesh TEFR
3 Basic Drugs e.g.Chloramphenicol & Ampicillin VOSAP Drugs Pvt. Ltd. TEFR&DE
4 Brewery, 50,0000 HLS Mr. U  Kachroo,Orissa PIS
5 Fractionation of Poly-Alkyl Benzenes Aureola ChemicalsPvt. Ltd.New Delhi BED/P& PPD
6 Limestone based projects    
  i.    Quick Lime Punjab Lime Pvt. Ltd.,Dehradun, Uttranchal TKP
  ii.  Hydrated Lime . Kathua Chemicals Pvt. Ltd Kathua, J & K  
  iii.Precipitated & Activated Calcium Carbonate Microfillers Pvt. Ltd.a.Jaipur, b. Surat,c.  Ajmaan (Middle East)  
7 Upscaling of Biotech Processes Chemical Centre Lund,Sweden P & PPD
8 Handling, Storage &Bottlingof LPG & Kerosene S.B. Petroleum Ltd.Gujrat & Uttar Pradesh BED & DE
9 Handling Storage &Bottling of LPG Mahadik Petroleum P. Ltd. TEFR/DE/EP
10 Handling Storage & Bottling of LPG S R  Gas Bottling P. Ltd. TEFR
11 Development of  a Modern Port at Dholara-Bandar, Gujarat S.B. Petroleum Ltd. PIS
12 Infrastructure Development. Plan for Industrial township. Regional Infrastructue (Australia) Pty Ltd
Orange, NSW, Australia
i.	  DE	   :	Detailed Engineering
ii.	  HMFG	   :	Herbort Maschinenfabrik GmbH
iii.  MIPL	   :	Mariental India Pvt. Ltd.
iv.	  MR	   :	Market Research
v.	  P & PPD  :	Process & Pilot Plant Design
vi.	  PIS  	   :	Pre-Investment Study
vii.  SS	   :	Site Survey
viii. TKP	   :	Turn-key Plant
ix.	  TEFR	   :	Techno-economic Feasibility Report
x.	  TT	   :	Technology Transfer
xi.	  TMT	   :	Technology & Marketing Tie-up
xii.  TMFT	   :	Technology, Marketing and Financial Tie-up
xiii. DD&S	   :	Design, development & supply of custom built machines
xiv.  BED	   :	Basic Engineering Design
xv.	  TECS	   :	Technical & Engineering Consultancy Services
xvi.  SEC	   :	Supervision on Erection and Commissioning
xvii. DPR	   :	Detailed Project Report	
xviii.EP	   :	Equipment Procurement
xix.  RMS	   :	Rawmaterial Survey
xx.	  LA	   :	Loan Application
xxi.  PO	   :	Plant Operation
xxii. PM&C	   :	Project Management & Coordination

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