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Our Global Association

	i.	Herbort Machinenfabrik Gmbh,Germany for Fruit & Vegetable Processing Equipment.
	ii	NIKO Gmbh & Co. KG or Fruit & Vegetable Processing Equipment.
	iii.	NON-Food Technology, Holland for Fruit& Vegetables processing  Machinery.
	iv.	Hans Binder Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany for Modern Drying Technology.
	v.	Eurotek Engineering Ltd., U.K. For IQF & general Freezing Technology.
	vi.	Raisio Engineering, Finland for Wheat, Corn & Potato based projects.
	vii.	Department of Biotechnology, Chemical Centre, Lund, Sweden for know-how on Biotechnology.
	viii.	Unipektin A.G., Switzerland for supply of know-how and process plant machinery for Fruit juice.
		Concentrates, pulps and purees.
	ix.	Prewa Verpackungs Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany.
		for Packaging Machines for sensitive products.
	x.	Lalesse Machinebouw b.v., Holland for Extruded Snacks & Breakfast Cereals.
	xi.	Kav Shan Agro Projects Ltd., Israel 
		for Livestock farming & processing  and Agro based Industries.
	xii.	REA GmbH, Germany for Energy Generation from Solid Waste
	xiii.	IQF Frost , Sweden for Specialsed IQF Units.
	xiv.	Pigo Italy for Temprate Fruit Processing Equipment & Specialsed IQF Units.
	xv.	Bessling Group for Controlled Atmosphere/Modified Atmosphere Equipments & Units.
	xvi.	PMC Harvesters, U.K. for Specialsed Harvesters for Green Peas , Beans & Chilly Pepper.
	xvii.	Christiaens Group for Mushroom Farming Equipment.
	xviii.	Hoving Holland for Mushroom Farming Equipment.
	xix.	Littleford Day ,USA for Specialised Mixers & Process Equipments.
	xx.	Green Tech.ek Germany. for Solar Power Plants.
	xxi.	CT Technologies , Denmark for Specialised Cold Storages.

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