See Vacuum Freeze Drying

Vacuum Freeze Drying          


See Vacuum Freeze Drying Vacuum freeze drying (VFD) is a process of preserving all kinds of processed food delicacies with out affecting the physical and biological properties of the product, which retain their size, shape, and color, flavor and all nutritional values.

The process involves freezing of the product to sub eutectic point and subjecting to high vacuum.The water contained in the product in the form of ice molecules get directly sublimated into the vapour form. The process of dehydration is thus achieved with out application of heat on the product

See Vacuum Freeze Drying

VFD being a batch process & also capital intensive, the cost of production per unit weight of the finished product is relatively higher though the quality of the product is quite superior.The VFD process is therefore recommended for the expensive products such as shrimps,exotic fruit and vegetables,herbs and ready to eat precooked delicacies of all kindes.The reconstitution of VFD products is very fast

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